Women in Leadership

Heidi Hansen Associates takes pride in being a custom boutique with a focus in communications and organizational behavior. The Women in Leadership program focuses on helping women achieve their goals whether they are just starting out or in senior positions. Our seminars and trainings programs include group sessions as well as individual coaching sessions. 

Our goal is for women to succeed and accelerate in their current and future roles.

We take pride in getting to know you and your business. We customize the program to fit your needs and deliver it in person or virtual, whichever fits your environment best. We offer assessments including but not limited to: Disc by Wiley, 5 Choices by Franklin Covey, 360 assessments, Emotional Intelligence and Myers Briggs.

Have a topic in mind? No, worries! We take pride in listening to our clients and will build programs to fit your needs. 

Trainings and Sessions:

These seminars and trainings programs are written to cater particularly to the female mindset;

Be Fearless and Get What You Want! 

Corporate Culture, Ethics and Community Involvement. 

Emotional Intelligence. 

Etiquette & Social Behavior Seminars

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict.

Leveraging Your Network.

Speaking with Confidence. 

Talking while Female.Understanding Your DiSC Style. 

Understanding and Implementing Your DiSC Training.

Using DiSC as a Development and Management Tool.