Emergent Leaders

Heidi Hansen Associates takes pride in being a custom boutique with a focus in communications and organizational behavior. The Emergent Leaders program focuses on early to mid-level managers helping them achieve their goals as they get ready to be promoted into senior positions. 

We offer three levels of the Emergent Leadership programs;

Ready, Set, Go… 

If you are a senior in college and looking to enter the workforce this coaching program is for you. It will get you ready and prepared to take on the world. Learn how to interview, improve your business etiquette, empower your interpersonal communication skills and succeed in your first job.


You Got Promoted, Now What? 

Congratulations you got a promotion! You need to make a smooth transition from co-worker to leader. This coaching program will teach you how to be concise & productive, how to set goals and achieve them, how to manage up and leverage your network.


The Art of Managing a Team.

The beauty of life is we are all different. There is an art to managing and developing people. It takes insight, empathy, patience, great communication skills and time management skills. This coaching program is built for the individual who already manages individuals but is seeking to bring their managerial and coaching skills to a higher level.

We also offer individual sessions:

Emotional Intelligence

Etiquette & Social Behavior 

Speaking with Confidence 

Understanding Your DiSC Style 

Learn How to Interview

How to Succeed in Your First Job

Conducting Difficult Conversations

Speaking with Confidence

Be Fearless and Get What You Want!

Build Confidence and Be Effective!

Use Your Time Wisely!

What Our Clients Say:

Heidi’s guidance was instrumental in helping me obtain my first job out of college. She is an invaluable resource in developing one’s interview strategies as well as one’s resume. She is very charismatic and professional in her approach while assisting her clients. Through her, I developed a new sense of confidence in my abilities during the interview process. I would highly recommend her to recent college graduates as well as anyone looking to improve their professional image.- David Morgan, Accountant at DAK Americas