Conferences, Workshops and Talks


Heidi Hansen Associates takes pride in being a custom boutique with a focus in communications and organizational behavior. As part of our training and development business, we have the pleasure of offering leadership conferences, workshops and talks. 

Have an idea of a topic you would like to do? Let’s talk and see how we can customize to your needs. 

Speaking Topics

Emotional Intelligence

3 Steps to Dealing with Irrational People

Purposeful Networking-Dismantle Fear, Build Confidence, Be Effective! 

Developing Positive Relationships with Difficult People 

Learn How to Relate to Others 

Be Fearless and Reach Your Goals 

How to Be Authentic…! 

Talking while Female 

How to Influence Others and Get What You Want… 

Social & Business Etiquettes 

Taking the Next Step in Your Career 

Ready, Set, Go…